Book Review of Blue Print Bible Lessons for Kids

517UaReSkqL._AA160_Blueprint Bible Lessons for Kids:
52 Lessons for Preschool through Grade 5
By Pam McLagan

BluePrint Bible Lessons for Kids is a curriculum designed to give parents and teachers a framework for teaching Biblical fundamentals. Because of the way the lessons are structured, teachers can use their own creativity to communicate the stories. Sunday Schools, preschools, after school clubs, or homeschoolers can all benefit from the scope and sequence presented.

The book is divided into four sections: each section contains thirteen lessons, and each section focuses on a main topic. The first quarter contains lessons on how God creates the world and chooses a people; the second focuses on Advent and how the people involved were obedient. The third quarter follows the theme of Jesus as our teacher and savior, and the fourth includes the armor of God, the fruit of the Spirit, and some Bible heroes.

The book is also unique in how the author presents the material. First there is the scripture portion which includes the story. This will help both teachers and parents to accurately recount the story to the children. Second is the memory section which connects to three or four lessons. Thirdly, there is the consider section for teachers and parents which gives information or just provides a different outlook on something that the teacher is familiar with. Lastly, our children section deals with new words and terms that the child may not already know.

The author also encourages teachers and parents to teach the material in a style that children will be able to get excited about by using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile styles of teaching. These styles add rhythm and enthusiasm to the presentation of material. This way kids can be attentive to what is presented and they can learn the lessons better.

What a great book! I will definitely pass the book along to my friend who is homeschooling her children, and encourage other parents to buy the book as well in my church community and in our children’s Bible Study classes.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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