Book Review: Chombie’s First Adventure by David P. Zuccaro

Chombie’s First Adventure
Written and Illustrated By: David P. Zuccaro

This is a wonderful picture book about a snuggle puppy that all readers will fall in love with. There is nothing more cozy than snuggling with a snuggle pup.

Most of the time, Chombie slept. But on one particular day, Chombie decides to leave her bed for the first time. She wants to get on an adventure. You see, things were getting way too boring.

So, first off, Chombie needed energy…so she eats her food and drinks some water to refresh herself after a long sleep. Then she starts on her adventure. She tries to get into the laundry basket…but….oh, oh it tipped over, and lands on top of her. Then she thought that maybe it would be fun to get behind the television screen—but it was way too loud. All Chombie wants to do is play. Can Chombie finally find someone to play with?

This is a super cute picture book. The illustrations are colourful and adorable. They will appeal to kids of all ages. And what child would not be able to relate to the love of an adorable snuggle puppy, even if it is naughty and adventuresome?

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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I am a freelance writer for adolescent girls. I love delving into the topics of self-esteem and self-confidence for girls. I find this writing really meaningful. This blog is devoted to girls and their issues.
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