Yes we canYes We Can!
Sam McBratney
Charles Fuge
Puffin Books, 2006

This book contains a very positive message for kids: YES WE CAN! How many of us reinforce negative messages to our kids, either unconsciously or consciously? This book will show our kids that many things are possible. All we have to do is develop the right attitude.

We all have to believe in ourselves, even when things go wrong and other people laugh at us. We just have to keep being positive, and try not to laugh at others when they stumble because who knows….they may get a chance to laugh at us next, and then we’ll feel bad too.

I love the message of this picture book. It even inspired me to write my very own picture book on this very important topic. I love the idea of inspiring kids from the earliest age to believe that they can do anything that they can dream of. Not only is this an important message. But it can help kids to be successful by developing a positive attitude. And the more positive they are the happier and fulfilled their life will be.

The illustrations are also wonderful! They are bright and very engaging, page after page. And every page contains a positive message that kids can take away.

Thank you for such a wonderful picture book Sam and Charles!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


About adolescentgirlsblog

I am a freelance writer for adolescent girls. I love delving into the topics of self-esteem and self-confidence for girls. I find this writing really meaningful. This blog is devoted to girls and their issues.
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