Halo Author Shirley Kufeldt joins the World of Ink Virtual Tour

The World of Ink Network will be touring author Shirley Kufeldt’s personal devotions book series, Bible Bites published by Halo Publishing International throughout November 2012.

Tips for Sharing the Bible With Children

All parents are sinners who bring more little sinners into the world. But all children inherently know that God exists. It’s incumbent upon parents, who love their children more than anyone else in the world, to introduce them to God’s unconditional love and to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Did you know that God always takes the simplest way? Albert Einstein thought so. You can do the simplest things with your children and they will love you for it.

When children experience unconditional love from their parents, it’s easier for them to comprehend God’s unconditional love. Start early because if you start later, God may use difficult circumstances to get the attention of your child.

Kids want to have fun. For my daughters it was always one-on-one time at bedtime. We talked about their day and we talked about tomorrow. In my prayers I always Thanked God aloud for giving me our daughters.

Mom or Dad can read one Scripture passage from Bible Bites, talk about it and pray God’s Word. For example: LONG AGO THE LORD SAID I HAVE LOVED YOU, MY PEOPLE, WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE. WITH UNFAILING LOVE I HAVE DRAWN YOU TO MYSELF. (Jeremiah 31:3 NLT) “I AM THE LORD AND I DO NOT CHANGE.” (Malachi 3:6 NLT) Parents can read and pray this scripture with love in their hearts while the child genuinely experiences not just her parent’s love, but God’s unconditional everlasting love as well.

All children anticipate answered prayers and they or the parents can write prayer requests in Bible Bites. Sometimes God answers those prayers through the parents. Other times prayer is denied, delayed or answered differently. Seeing results that only God can provide builds the child’s faith. As faith grows love increases.

Develop listening skills by asking your child to retell a Bible story you’ve just read and pick out one important detail or verse that made an impact on your child. Incorporate that detail into your child’s prayer request, and write it into Bible Bites.

All children want to know that God really does love unconditionally. That unconditional love leads to confidence in life because of the strong relationship with parents and with God. Your child can always turn to God in any situation. And there is a closer relationship with parents, siblings and extended family because everyone in the family is relying on the same loving God.

About Shirley Kufeldt Books:

Albert Einstein stated: God always takes the simplest way.


For too many people, reading the Bible, God’s Word, is too much of a challenge so they
neglect picking up a Bible and do not learn what God has to say about any number of
topics. Too many people only know God as judge who only punishes sinners, but have a
misguided conception of His love, grace and compassion. They blame God for the sins
others commit against them. They live their lives based on misconceptions about God,
and a secular lifestyle is the result.

We each look differently at Scripture, and respond to and reflect on God’s Word based on
“where we are today.” In a non-threatening manner, Seekers are introduced to God as the
One who loves them unconditionally and pursues them by answering prayer His Way:
Definitely, Denied, Delayed, Differently, Distributed a bit at a time.

BIBLE BITES booklets are small pocket-sized monthly journals that include current
prayer requests and focused daily Scripture for journaling and reflection. This is a simple
solution to a situation many would like to resolve. Through BIBLE BITES people can
easily learn, memorize or meditate on Scripture as they journal regularly with direction
and purpose.
•Learn, memorize and meditate on Bible verses
•List current prayer requests
•Respond and react to God’s Word “where you are each day”
•Quickly Journal each day in a small topical booklet with a daily Scripture verse
•Introduce God as the One who you them unconditionally
•Use BIBLE BITES as an easy gift idea in place of a greeting card
•Carry BIBLE BITES in pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack.
•BIBLE BITES is inexpensive, sold over the internet.
•Because it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Bible Bites firmly establishes the
habit of spending five minutes each day with God’s Word.
(Verses come from the New Living Translation)

About the Author:

After growing up with four sisters in Illinois, then raising two daughters, Shirley Kufeldt
and her husband left Illinois and her daughters to retire to Northern Wisconsin in
2007. Having participated in Bible studies for over 30 years and hearing of the efforts of so many others over the years to\ document their personal walk of faith, she developed the Bible Bites series. Mrs. Kufeldt participates in Tea Party activities as time allows and cares for her one grandchild (when asked) with joy.

You can find out more about Shirley Kufeldt’s World of Ink Author/Book Tour
at http://tinyurl.com/bb3ofxd.

To learn more about the World of Ink Tours visit http://worldofinknetwork.com

Full Media Kit, Photos and more are available upon request electronically.


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