A Cute Picture Book about Monkey Mind

This is a great picture book about monkey mind. Panda shows the difference between monkey mind which is always busy and mindful mind which is peaceful and happy. Monkey mind jumps from one thing to another. It is always somewhere other than here. Mindful mind focuses on the present and experiences this moment in its entirety. The only way to achieve true happiness is to be mindful of what you are doing this very moment and to stick with the precise activity that you are engaged in.

Wow! This is a great concept for kids to understand and try to master as they grow up.  Maybe then we won’t have as many adults walking around thinking of anything and everything other than what they are experiencing this very moment. How great would that be!

I recommend this book for all kids and their parents!

Rating: 5+ Stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


About adolescentgirlsblog

I am a freelance writer for adolescent girls. I love delving into the topics of self-esteem and self-confidence for girls. I find this writing really meaningful. This blog is devoted to girls and their issues.
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