Day 1 of VBT for the Working Writer’s Club

Meet Suzanne Lieurance

I’m so excited to be here to kick off the 5-day virtual tour for my book, The Lucky Baseball – My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I decided to start writing for children and how I came up with the idea for this particular book.

I actually started writing for children when I was in 5th grade. My teacher, Mrs. Smith, used to let us put on plays for the class every Friday. The only requirement was that we write the scripts for these plays ourselves. A few of my classmates and I got together and came up with an idea for our first play. I was the one chosen to write the script. Later, when we performed our little story in front of the class, everyone loved it. They laughed in the right places, cheered in the right places, even gasped and booed in the right places, so I was hooked on writing. I was a bit shy for the acting, but I loved seeing how the audience reacted to what I had written. I wrote more plays that year, although, for the life of me, I can’t remember what any of them were about, and the scripts were thrown away long ago, which is too bad. It would have been fun to reread them now.

Anyway, I loved writing from those days on. I didn’t write more scripts. Instead, I wrote stories and poems. My poems were pretty bad. But I think my stories were okay. These days, I’m more likely to be writing nonfiction that fiction. Yet I still love to write fiction and I’m usually working on assignments for both nonfiction and fiction.

I hope you’ll read and enjoy The Lucky Baseball– My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp. This is actually the second book I’ve written for the middle grade historical fiction adventures series from Enslow Publishers. The first novel I wrote for that series is called The Locket – Surviving the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

If you have any questions about any of my books or about writing for children, just leave them here as a comment. I’ll be checking in all week and answering any questions that have been left for me.

To learn more about my books, please visit my author site at or visit the Working Writer’s Club online at and sign up for The Morning Nudge!

Happy reading!

P.S. Follow Day 2 of my tour tomorrow at


About adolescentgirlsblog

I am a freelance writer for adolescent girls. I love delving into the topics of self-esteem and self-confidence for girls. I find this writing really meaningful. This blog is devoted to girls and their issues.
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One Response to Day 1 of VBT for the Working Writer’s Club

  1. thedarkphantom says:

    That’s cool, Suzanne. I had a similar start, writing plays at school for the annual Christmas shows. I got to act as well, though. 🙂

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