A Great Picture Book for Kids


Tales of Henry
Lily Westwater
Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle

Tales of Henry is a great picture book about the importance of rescuing animals, and specifically dogs, from the Humane Society.

The story is about a family mourning over the loss of a beloved dog to illness. It’s been a few months since their dog died and the family is very lonely. The kids don’t have anyone to play with, and the house seems empty. It is time to get another dog. But the parents want to make sure that they get a dog that is just right for the family and kids.

They go to the Humane Society and see a skinny, anxious, and pregnant German shepherd. The family falls in love with the little animal. They decide to become foster parents to the dog and they name her Jessie. The Humane Society pays the foster family for food and the care of Jessie and her little pups, once they arrive. The whole family is very happy with Jessie, especially the kids.

Then one day, Jessie has eleven pups. Their house is bursting with noise and activity. The pups have to be cared for and fed day and night. It is so much fun, and the kids learn so much about how to care for the pups. Then when the pups grow a bit bigger, they have to find good homes for them. Will it be easy enough to convince Aunt Lily to take one or two of the pups? Will the pups come back and visit?

What a great story for kids of all ages! It will be easy for kids to fall in love with Jessie and her pups from the wonderful illustrations throughout the book. Readers will also learn about the importance of rescuing and caring for animals from the animal shelter and the big responsibilities that this entails. And the Humane Society has a lot of stray dogs that are available for adoption at all times. All the family has to do is visit the shelter and decide which dog to take home. What a great message for kids!

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor

Rating: 5 Stars


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