January 2012 WOI Tour for Maryann Sawka-A Book Review

Book Review first Published at Blogcritics at: http://blogcritics.org/books/article/book-review-good-table-manners-made/

Good Table Manners Made Easy: Quick Tips For All Ages
Maryann B. Sawka

     Maryann Sawka’s Good Table Manners Made Easy was created as a result of her many etiquette workshops that she’s given around the country. Sawka’s picture book is an easy to follow guide for children of all ages on how to develop effective table manners and to make mealtime much more graceful and meaningful.

     Practising good table manners is a topic that is much needed today since the family meal has mostly disappeared. Meals are usually consumed on the run in families. Because of this, kids have no one to teach them the tools of proper meal and table etiquette. In fact, in our quick-paced society, we have lost the art of meal and table etiquette. Families now eat their dinner in front of a blaring television set, watching endless dramatic scenes of mayhem which constantly saturates their psyches. There is no time to connect with family members or sit at a table to eat as a family and properly eat a meal.

     Sawka’s book rekindles the art and beauty of mealtime. She shows kids and parents how to exhibit good manners when eating. Since kids learn by example, it is best for parents to learn Sawka’s practises for good table manners first and then institute them into their mealtimes. Also, if parents put Sawka`s mealtime practises into effect by exemplifying effective table manners, their kids will soon learn good table manners at mealtime as well. Parents have to show kids the importance of eating gracefully and enjoying the family’s presence at meals every night without the television blaring if at all possible.

Reviewed by Irene S. Roth


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