January 2012, WOI Tour for Molly Nero

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Smarty Pig
By Molly Nero 

      Smarty Pig is a wonderful picture book story with a powerful message for kids. Many kids love to goof around in the evening and watch endless television after school. They don’t want to study or to try and do well in school. But the little red hair piggy is not like that at all. She believes in hard work and studying. And through her example, the reader could learn a lot of important lessons about the need for hard work to excel in school. 

     Smarty Pig is also a story about the perils of being teased by peers and how the person who is being teased can emerge victorious. Her peers were mean to her and called her names endlessly as she studied. But she continued studying anyways. However, their fun ended when the little red hair piggy got an A on her exams and some of the kids who teased her either failed or got a very low grade.  In fact, the red hair piggy did so well that she was appointed by her teachers to be a tutor for the kids who failed the test. Now that is a real triumph, if you ask me! 

     To tutor the other kids, the red hair piggy made up games to show the merit of all the school stuff that they learned. She taught them the value of Math and Science. Also, the games were fun and the kids found that they didn’t have to watch television or goof around to have fun. They could play games while learning. What a great message for kids. 

     This book is for parents who have children who struggle in school. It is also for kids who don’t see the meaning in studying and think that what they learn in school is a waste of time. Molly Nero believes that kids could study and still have fun, and excel in school.  The illustrator also did a splendid job to portray the little red hair piggy and the mean kids. The illustrations are bold and bright.

Reviewed by Irene S. Roth





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