November World of Ink Tour for SFC/Book Review

Title: Rodger Dodger Dog: A Christmas Story
By: Jan Britland
Illustrated by: Mike Swaim
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-146373122
Ages: 3-8
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


This is a great story book about the true meaning of Christmas which will linger with kids for a long time. The story starts with Rodger Dog who is excited to put up his first Christmas tree. He and his friend bunny went out to pick a tree. They choose the tallest and thickest one they could find and they brought it home. Then they gathered together and made the ornaments by hand. They were all proud of their creations and they all had a real good time. When they decorated the tree they looked at it in awe. They just loved it! It wasn’t until they put a star on top of the tree that they realized how lucky they were to have their friends and family. They woke up Christmas morning and found a lot of gifts under the tree. They were shocked and happy. They all opened their gifts with breathless anticipation. But they realized that the gift of friends and family is the best gift of all for Christmas.

Overall thoughts:

I love the message of this book. Given our materialistic culture of gift buying, this book will really help a child to get past the material nature of the holiday season to the true meaning of Christmas which is for us to be with friends and family sharing some of the most important aspects of the holidays. The illustrations are very vivid and will captivate the curiosity of children. The star at the top of the Christmas tree gives all of us hope that we could all find the true meaning of Christmas in our friends and loved ones.

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