October World of Ink Tour for Stories for Children Magazine

Title: Quincy Finds a New Home
By: Camille Matthews
Published by: Pathfinder Equine Publications, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9819240-0-7
Price: $15.95
Ages: 4-9
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


This is a wonderful story about a beautiful red horse named Quincy. Quincy lived on a quiet farm in a red barn. He was glad because spring finally was on its way and he was looking forward for someone to put on his saddle. But sadly no one came. Quincy got so incredibly lonely as he stood alone at the fence grazing at his pasture.

Then one day, a lady and man came to the pasture and stroked Quincy’s nose. The next thing Quincy knew, he was on a huge trailer truck going to a new home. When Quincy arrived at his new home, he saw the biggest barn ever. The new barn had horse shows every Sunday but Quincy wasn’t able to jump jumps and win ribbons. He felt very badly about that. Then he met a new friend, Beau, who helped Quincy find a solution to his problem. Beau and Quincy became inseparable.

Overall thoughts:

This is the first book in Quincy the Horse series. The illustrations are so realistic, vivid, and colorful. It is a story about the transforming nature of friendship and how kids could develop meaningful friendships with horses. This is a moving and gratifying story for young horse lovers. The overall message is that everyone can be unconditionally loved who (s)he is. Each of us has many unique gifts to offer the world. All we have to do is discover them. What a great message for kids!

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