Meet Maha Huneidi Author of “When Monsters Get Lonely”

Joining us today is Maha Huneidi, author of When Monsters Get lonely. This is a children’s book geared toward ages (3-8).


Thank you for joining us today, Maha. Can you please start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

 I always loved writing, but never thought I’d publish a book because I thought of writing as just a hobby. After reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” I decided to write down my goals, and when it came down to it, I didn’t know what I was passionate about, until one day when I was writing I noticed how exhilarated I felt, so my goal became to publish “When Monsters Get Lonely” as well as my website They were both launched together.

When did you first get bit by the writing bug?

Back in the 90’s I began to feel exhilarate whenever I sat down to write my musings. I wrote everyday and it felt like a meditation.

Why did you decide to write for children?

I wanted to write this book for my granddaughter, who was afraid of monsters. She loves to watch monster movies and refuses to stop watching even though they gave her nightmares. I wanted to give her the tools to get over her fear. Now she sometimes tells her Mom that the monster came at night, and when her Mom asks if she was scared she says, “I made friends with him.”

Do you believe it is harder to write books for a younger audience?

I couldn’t say, I’ve only written this one book. I have two more children’s books in the working. I’ve never written any other genre.

What is your favorite part of writing for young people?

I love that I can create this whole world with different rules. It’s magical.

Can you tell us what your latest book is all about?

“When Monsters Get Lonely is about this little girl, Hannah, who’s afraid of monsters. One night her monster pays her a visit during a blackout. Luckily, Grams comes to the rescue and explains that our thoughts are like magic, they create our lives. Hannah understands that if she thinks scary thought she’ll be scared, and if she thinks happy thoughts she’ll be happy.

What inspired you to write it?

I wanted to write something to help kids who are afraid of the dark and of monsters because I was afraid of both the dark and monsters as a child, and I know how devastating fear can be for a child. When my son told me that my granddaughter was having nightmares, the story became about her.

Where can readers purchase a copy?

The book is available at my CreateSpace store, At, and at B&N both as an ebook in Nook and in paperback.

Do you have a website and/or blog where readers can find out more?

Readers can visit my website, where they’ll find parenting tips about child empowerment and self empowerment, tips about setting goals for kids and teens, and about meditation.

What is up next for you?

I’ll be working on my website for a while, and I have two other stories on the backburner.

Do you have anything else to add?

Yes, I would like to invite readers who have read my book or website to send in their comments and reviews. You can contact me at, or leave a comment here: I’ve also posted a challenge, playing pretend roles, on this page it’s a fun way to spend time as a family, and readers who take the challenge are invited to create their own page on my website and share it with family and friends.

Thank you for spending time with us today, Maha. We wish you much success.



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I am a freelance writer for adolescent girls. I love delving into the topics of self-esteem and self-confidence for girls. I find this writing really meaningful. This blog is devoted to girls and their issues.
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2 Responses to Meet Maha Huneidi Author of “When Monsters Get Lonely”

  1. Thanks for hosting Maha Huneidi today. Great interview.

  2. Irene says:

    Thanks so much Virginia! It is a great book, and a wonderful author. It was great chatting with her last month on Blogtalk Radio

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