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Title: Not Fat, Because I Wanna be
Story told by: LaNiyah Bailey
Written by: LaToya “Toyiah Marquis” White
Illustrated by: Laura Perez Ricaud
Published by: 2010
Ages: 6-10
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Synopsis: This is a wonderfully inspiring book about a 6 year old girl who is overweight and who is teased by many mean girls and boys in her school. All her peers assume she is fat because she eats too much. However, when they discover that she doesn’t eat a lot of junk food but has a health condition, they begin to accept her more. But the girl had to accept herself first and stand up to the bullies in her school before she was accepted like everyone else. What a wonderful story.

Overall thoughts: This is a book about two very important topics: bullying and child obesity. Both topics are difficult for kids to come to terms with. LaNiyah Bailey has an important message message for bullies and teasers in her book. It is this: Just because a person looks different, it doesn’t mean that the child isn’t human or a monster. We are all special in our own ways and it is important for us not to judge other kids solely based on their own appearance. We are all wonderful and unique on the inside and it is important for all of us be respected and honored for who we truly are.

I would recommend this book for kids of all ages. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the idea that kids at the age of 5 and 6 already bully and tease other kids if they aren’t exactly like everyone else. I think it’s sad. And this book will open lines of communication between kids and their parents on this very important topic. I hope that schools will also purchase this book, and use it to discuss this all important topic. The book also comes with a parent and teacher guide about obesity. One part of the guide focuses on 15 tips on obesity prevention and how to identify and prevent bullying. I know that I will be talking about this book at the three elementary schools that I volunteer at this fall.

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    LaNiyah Bailiey’s next tour stop is on August 4th at Rambling of a Coffee Addicted Writer—Author Spotlight

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