World of Ink Tour for Linda Valderrama/Book review of Brush Barry Brush

Title: Brush Barry Brush
By: Linda Valderrama R.D.H
Illustrated by: Sudi Memarzadeh
Published by: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-578-06605-9
Ages: 2 to 6
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


Synopsis: The author has been a dental hygienist for the past 25 years and wrote the book because she believes that it is crucially important for children to get into the habit of brushing their teeth. This book will open up the discussion on this all-important topic and will encourage readers to always try and remember to brush their teeth.

The story opens up with a series of kids eating different kinds of food and brushing their teeth after they eat. Then Barry eats some blueberries, but he forgets to brush his teeth. Well, his teeth turn blue and he is worried that they will remain blue for a very long time. So, he brushes and brushes his teeth so that he could get rid of the blue hue from his teeth. Does he succeed?

Overall thoughts: This is a cute book with an important overall message. I think it is important for kids to get into the habit of brushing their teeth. And the author has a series of stickers that parents could use to encourage their kids to brush their teeth often. I know that my nieces and nephews will love the book because they too are like Barry in the story-they sometimes forget to brush their teeth. This is a book that will inspire kids to brush their teeth.

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2 Responses to World of Ink Tour for Linda Valderrama/Book review of Brush Barry Brush

  1. Wonderful Review and such a cute book.

  2. Irene, thank you so much for a great review. I really appreciate your time and consideration . It felt great to be a part of your wonderful blog !

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